Our Team

FCE board members and staff are deeply committed to ensuring the success of our families.

Jaclyn Babcock

Director of Programs

Zayda Valadez

Zayda Valadez

STEAM Program Manager

Josue Castellon

Associate Director of Programs
College Success

Mary Enright

STEAM Teacher Aide

Terry Gutierrez

STEAM & College Bound Program Assistant

Asra Hussain

Associate Director, College Bound

Jocelyn Lee

Executive Director

B. Michael McFarland

Director of Development

Janice Brody

FCE Vice-President

Community Volunteer

Tiq Chapa

FCE Board Member

Director at the nonprofit Latino Business Action Network

Juan Garcia

FCE Board Member

Market Development Manager for Apple Retail

Terri E. Givens

FCE Board Member

Political Scientist and Executive Director of the Edgemakers Institute in San Francisco

Julie Lythcott-Haims

President, FCE Board of Directors

Author/Former University Dean


Fausto Ibarra

FCE Treasurer

Director of Product Management for Google Cloud Platform

Lucy Mangus

Lucy Mangas

FCE Board Member

Director of Strategic Partner Engagement for Windows10 at Microsoft

Timi Most

FCE Vice-President

CFO of Mind Garden, Inc. and Community Volunteer

Agustin Torres, Jr.

FCE Board Member

Community Engagement Manager at Facebook

Tait Wade

FCE Board Member

Director of Equity and Social Justice at Crystal Springs Uplands School

Chris Roe
Glenn Singleton
Milbrey McLaughlin
Alexandra Bernadotte
Sarita Berry
Michael Brownrigg
Fran Codispoti
Megan Swezey Fogarty
Jean Hamilton
Julie Jerome
Ira Lit
Sharon Nelson-Barber
Carmen O’Shea
Sandra Pearson
Stephen Player
Susie Richardson
Irene St. Roseman
Kathy Torgersen
Don Way

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