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College Bound

Students in our College Bound Program are part of a tight-knit community where everyone is committed to enrolling in college. FCE helps students develop the academic skills and self-confidence to succeed in college and beyond. We offer:

  • Academic advising, including help with course selection
  • One-on-one and group tutoring
  • Study skills enhancement
  • College planning and counseling
  • PSAT and SAT preparation
  • College application instruction and support
  • Local and national college tours
  • Mentoring and college coaching
  • Financial aid and scholarship guidance
  • Parent/guardian development and support
  • Leadership development
  • Career exploration

As a child seeing my parents struggle to provide for my family, I made it my goal to one day have a professional career. With FCE’s support, I have aimed high.  I am now an undergraduate at UCLA, where I am pursuing my dream of becoming a pediatric surgeon.

Edanet Rodriguez

FCE College Bound Program ’12 , UCLA ‘16

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