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Foundation for a College Education opens doors to higher education for young people who are traditionally underrepresented in the nation’s colleges and universities.

Equally important, FCE continues to support its students to ensure that they complete their four-year college degrees. By working with students and their families, FCE serves as a catalyst, helping them develop the skills to become advocates for themselves and other first-generation students.

At FCE, students learn that their college education is not theirs alone. It also belongs to their families, their communities, and society. We have been serving low-income students of color long enough to be able to see our graduates engaged in interesting, fulfilling work, taking their place in society, and giving back in meaningful ways.

Your investment can have a profound impact on the lives of our students. Please join us.

I support FCE because of alumni like Laura Martinez, former mayor of East Palo Alto, and Carmen Ochoa, who will be entering medical school at UCLA. FCE gives students a shot at a better life by providing them with the tools to achieve their goal of a college education. FCE helps students succeed not only in high school but lends a helping hand throughout their college experience.

Fran Codispoti

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