Board Member

Devin Gaines

FCE Board Member

Senior Business Development Representative at SurveyMonkey

Devin Gaines is a Menlo College alumnus and a first-generation college student. He received his bachelor’s degree in Accounting and worked two years for one of the big four accounting firms PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Afterwards, Gaines started working for the world’s largest online survey platform, SurveyMonkey, as a Sales Representative. Gaines originally grew up in a gang-infested neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. Due to his environment and surroundings, Gaines was shot four times at the age of 14. Gaines received a great deal of support from his family following this tragic event. As a result, he was able to attend and succeed through college. Gaines acknowledges that he could not have succeeded without the love and support of his family. Consequently, he has developed a passion for helping students from similar backgrounds.




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