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It is far easier – five times as easy, in fact – for  students from high-income families to earn a bachelor’s degree by age 24 than it is for a student from the lowest income bracket. At FCE, we are committed to helping our students and their families overcome increasing financial challenges by offering comprehensive financial aid counseling and scholarship support.

FCE’s competitive scholarships, awarded annually to high school seniors and college students, are funded by individual and foundation donors.   These scholarships serve as persistence grants for our students and play a significant role in college retention.

In addition, FCE provides discretionary scholarships to help students with small, but significant, fees for books, academic programs, and other costs associated with their education.

FCE scholarships are only available to FCE students.

Since its founding in 1995, Foundation for a College Education has been a leader in the college access community, innovating and pioneering new programs and new approaches to the growing challenges of preparing low-income students of color to enroll in and succeed in college.

Jocelyn Lee

Executive Director, FCE

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