Foundation for a College Education’s mission is to increase the number of students of color from East Palo Alto and similar communities who graduate from a four-year college or university.

A Unique Vision

The vision of FCE is to create a community where higher education is attainable. By engaging both students and parents in our work, we aim to create a community of learners who are armed with the right tools and information. Together, they play a pivotal role in sharing this information with other families about how best to take advantage of school resources and navigate the college admissions process, thus catalyzing change in the larger community.

Core Values

At FCE, four core values define the ways we empower our students to reach their full potential

  • High Expectations: We encourage our students to move beyond standard grade-level performance and pursue college preparatory and advanced levels to ensure they are prepared to attend our nation’s competitive colleges.
  • Family and Community Engagement: We believe that meaningful family and community engagement is key to student success
  • Measurable Results: We measure our success by the number of students who graduate from college. Intermediate measures include the number of college prep classes taken, GPA, and percentage of college admissions.
  • College Graduation: At FCE, college acceptance is only a first step; a college degree is critical to our students’ economic and social mobility.

Success Stories Videos

Two minute videos about how FCE has helped college graduates succeed. Click on a video to view.

Anna Waring, PhD.
Anna Waring Video

Anna explains Foundation for a College Education’s approach to increasing the number of low-income students of color from East Palo Alto who graduate from a 4 year college.

Pablo Hernandez
Pablo Hernandez Video

Pablo has two children who have been a part of the FCE program. He explains how the program eased the college-going process for his family and impacted his children’s education.

Joyce, Mary, and Rachael Latu
Joyce, Mary, and Rachael Latu Video

Joyce, Mary, and Rachael all went through the FCE program. Hear about their personal journeys.

Charles Edwards
Charles Edwards Video

Charles tells the story of his involvement with FCE and how he benefitted from the program.

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